Last week I looked for small kitchen ideas, because I am right now working on a small kitchen in a historic home built sometimes in the 1920s. Although the set of issues is yet different in such a vintage house I did  a little bit of research for small kitchens in general. I personally like small kitchens very much, because they force you to reduce your clutter and because you can reach everything within a couple of steps distance. Here are some – hopefully – helpful hints and design tips for all those of you who may be s ... - Read more

KK Design Koncepts offers several fixed price design packages at different levels. These design packages can be slightly adjusted to your personal needs. They require that the designer works independently after an in-depth initial design discussion. Please give us a call at 714.404.9816. Bronze Design Packages: $1,000.00 – any 1 room, excluding bathrooms and kitchens. In-Home visit where we gather information about your lifestyle, taste and needs as well as your budget. Furniture layout, furniture specification, fabric specification, paint color specifi ... - Read more

There are many different ways that interior designers can charge for their services. The two most common models are to charge an hourly rate, or to charge a fixed design fee. Hourly rate: Our hourly rate is compatible with other professional service fees. In this case we keep a detailed time log to track the time spent on each client’s account and bill once or twice per month, or weekly if desired. This model works well for clients who like to be very involv ... - Read more

I noticed that many people don’t really know how interior designers work and what they do. And that does not surprise me at all. The honest truth is: There is no simple answer; it differs with each client and every project. Sometimes I get calls for something as simple as a paint color consultation, or finding the right fabric to reupholster a sofa. Or to design draperies, select the fabrics, and get the drapes made and installed. On the other hand it can be something much more involved, like doing an entire home remodel or addition. In this case I colla ... - Read more

Clients are sometimes reluctant to tell a designer their budget because they fear they corner themselves in or they simply are not sure how much furniture and furnishings cost. But it is important and critical for the success of a design project to have somewhat of an idea about the cost to furnish a home or a room. Otherwise the designer makes the wrong choices and selects products that are beyond the client’s means. Or, on the opposite, does not provide the client with the best quality he/she can afford. It is a designer’s job to know the client& ... - Read more

I love downtown Orange. Granted, I am biased, I live in the city of Orange. But even before moving here I loved to stroll through the streets around the Orange Circle, or Plaza, here in the center of Orange County in Southern California. It’s one of the few places where I feel like I am actually walking through a real town, a town with history, a town with a sense of community. Houses 100+ years old, each one different ... - Read more

As I said: In my mind there is no such thing as an outdated color. The secret of making colors appear more current and giving  them a new twist lies in tweaking them a little bit and in how you combine them with each other.  But I do acknowledge that some people just can’t live without the latest forecast.  And hey, let’s be honest, we would not be in the design industry did we not pay at least some tribute to fashion and trends!  So here they are – officially, the colors 2013: Pantone LLC, the global authority on c ... - Read more

Oh the eternal question: Which colors are we going to see in our homes for the next year or two? Which colors are coming up, and which are fading out?  As usual, my answer to that is: Don’t worry about trends, surround yourself with colors that YOU like, that YOU feel comfortable in and that soothe your soul! Where we come in as design professionals and color experts is to maybe tweak your favorite colors a little, and to come up with combinations that work. Many of my clients, for instance, like red decor, including shades like Tusc ... - Read more