Colors 2013 /14 – Trends For Your Home – Part 2: The Forecast According to Pantone

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As I said: In my mind there is no such thing as an outdated color. The secret of making colors appear more current and giving  them a new twist lies in tweaking them a little bit and in how you combine them with each other.  But I do acknowledge that some people just can’t live without the latest forecast.  And hey, let’s be honest, we would not be in the design industry did we not pay at least some tribute to fashion and trends!  So here they are – officially, the colors 2013: Pantone LLC, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, predicted nine key color and design palettes for home furnishings and interior design in 2013/14. The following comes from a Pantone Webinar – and I do NOT take credit for the flowery language. (By the way: Who in the whole world names these color palettes???) So here we go:

1. Connoisseur


Connoisseur celebrates the finer things in life and puts a fresh spin on old-world elegance.  dItraws on cool neutrals like Alyssum White, Champagne Beige and Silver, contrasted with warm tones of violets, orchids, Liquid Pink and Deep Mahogany. Beechnut Green brings a touch of freshness to this scheme. Colors 2013: In this palette they are refined and sophisticated with just the right amount of understated drama.

2. Glamour


The Glamour palette evokes the polished sexiness of the Art Deco era. The deeper tones of Rio Red, Monaco Blue, Tap Shoe Black, Chinchilla, Ethereal Gray, Moonmist, and Jasper Teal comprise this sumptuous color board. Colors 2013: These more muted and somber combinations best lend themselves to contemporary décor.

3. New Old School

New-Old-School (2)

New Old School is similar to Glamour, but swapping out more muted with more saturated hues. Ribbon Red, Bright White, Sodalite Blue, Nautical Blue, and Ultramarine Green combine in an effect that is almost patriotic and military.

4. Rugged Individuals


The quiet calming colors of the Old West define this palette.  Colors 2013: Here they blend worn leather with the indigo of stonewashed jeans, weathered wood and the muted colors of the prairie.

5. Extracts


Extracts takes its cue from culinary inspirations—the combination of spicy colors and fresher shades. The effect is comforting yet disarming, inclusive of pops of unexpected color. Colors 2013 are Spiced Coral, Brandied Melon, Apple Cinnamon, Dusty Pink. Baked Clay stands in earthen contrast to Tart and Green Banana.

6. Footprints


Footprints takes us on a journey and celebrates the vibrancy of tribal hues. Last year’s color of the year Tangerine Tango leads the dance followed energetically by Peacock Blue and Fiery Pink Flambé. Solar-Powered Yellow, and Oasis are also among the colors 2013 – an unapologetically vibrant palette.

7. Sojourn


The Sojourn palette finds its potential in the powerful combination of fuchsia and olive, albeit softened by rosy shades like Foxglove and mysterious undertones of plum.

8. Surface Treatments


Surface Treatments is a natural color palette combining brilliant water and ocean shades with muted tones of stormy skies or rocks and minerals.  Colors 2013 pay tribute to the cooler side of nature.

9. Out-Of-The-Ordinary


Out of the Ordinary says it all, not shying away from eye candy hues whose quirky whimsy fly in the face of conventional design. Bonnie Blue, Pureed Pumpkin, and Chocolate Truffle ground confectionery shades, such as Bright Violet and Rosebud. These combinations are fun and vibrant. No matter how these colors 2013 are used, they sure are going to attract attention.

And now, last but not least: Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2013: Emerald Green!

Pantone color of the year 2013 (8)

Pantone color of the year 2013 (3)

Pantone color of the year 2013 (4)

Pantone color of the year 2013 (5)

I can’t claim that I am crazy about that shade of green,  but oh well, can’t always love everything. But you know what? It’s already starting to grow on me…. 🙂

Sabine Klingler Kane, KK Design Koncepts,

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