Color Trends For Your Home 2013/14 – Part 1: My Personal Take

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Oh the eternal question: Which colors are we going to see in our homes for the next year or two? Which colors are coming up, and which are fading out?  As usual, my answer to that is: Don’t worry about trends, surround yourself with colors that YOU like, that YOU feel comfortable in and that soothe your soul! Where we come in as design professionals and color experts is to maybe tweak your favorite colors a little, and to come up with combinations that work.

Many of my clients, for instance, like red decor, including shades like Tuscany red, Chinese red, Burgundy etc. etc. etc. Although it might not be the most fashionable of colors today, it still seems to be timeless and with universal appeal. Red decor always has and always will remain a favorite!

Some Examples of Red Decor (And Other Colors, Too)

Red decor with whites and blacks

An always classy look is to blend beautiful red decor with grays and taupes, and of course blacks and whites. This color combination goes with all decors, traditional…..

Contemporary red decor

… or contemporary.

Red decor vibrant style

To create a more up-to-date, young and vibrant style mix your favorite red decor with other shades in the red color spectrum from hot pinks to corals to bright oranges. Very energetic!

Red decor with wild colors

And then throw in yet some other wild colors! Wow!

Red, Pink and Green Room

By the way: The combo of hot pink and lime green  has made the jump from little girl’s rooms to grown-up rooms. Or else: Some never grow up!

Watermelon Colored Room

Like the owners of this water melon and blue Miro-inspired living room. Very fun!

Warm red decor

A warm paprika-red decor attracts other spice colors like curry, cumin, cayenne… These tones automatically conjure images of exotic places, and will never go out of style.

You see, there is no such thing as an outdated color. The secret is in combining it with other colors to give it a new twist and to make it more current! But if you really can’t live without the latest forecast please read my next blog on the official Pantone color palette predictions for 2013/14. There you will find THE official color schemes for this year and the next, AND the color of the year 2013!

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