Small Kitchen Ideas – 11 Design Tips To Optimize Your Small Kitchen

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Last week I looked for small kitchen ideas, because I am right now working on a small kitchen in a historic home built sometimes in the 1920s. Although the set of issues is yet different in such a vintage house I did  a little bit of research for small kitchens in general. I personally like small kitchens very much, because they force you to reduce your clutter and because you can reach everything within a couple of steps distance. Here are some – hopefully – helpful hints and design tips for all those of you who may be scratching your head trying to figure out what to do with your small kitchen.

Beachy kitchen

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 1

Even if you are not doing an entirely contemporary style keep lines clean and simple. Cabinet door styles that are too ornate, arches, corbels, wild back splash designs – all that makes the kitchen appear cramped and even smaller.

Small kitchen 10

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 2

Use light wall colors and cabinet finishes.  They reflect more light, and light creates the illusion of space.

Small kitchen 11

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 3

Wherever you can do use glass doors in the upper cabinets. The eye travels through these doors which makes the kitchen appear bigger. Obviously it would require you to keep those cabinets somewhat uncluttered.

Small kitchen 14

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 4

Alternatively you can use open shelves instead of upper cabinets. This takes some of the visual weight off, and it’s generally a fun look. Best are shelves that look like they are floating vs. those that have brackets or corbels. But again, you need to keep those open shelves somewhat neat, otherwise they defy the purpose.

Small kitchen 16

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 5

Keep your countertops uncluttered as well. An uncrowded look creates an open airy feel. It is certainly a good idea to go through your stuff before you start your kitchen remodel and edit all those gadgets and pots and pans and tools and containers and boards and sheets and and and….

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 6

Do a mirrored back splash between lower and upper cabinets. That creates the illusion of looking through the cabinets into the next room.

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 7

Have a board (wood, or preferably the same material as your countertop) cut the same size as your under mount sink. You can put it over the sink opening when you don’t need the sink thus increasing the counter space.

Small kitchen 12

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 8

If you need seating in your kitchen consider doing a small table at counter height (36”) that can do double duty as table and as work surface. Or if you have space incorporate a small island with a 9” overhang.


Small kitchen 5

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 9

Use bar stools without backs that can slide completely underneath the table or the overhang. In general, ALL furniture should be small in scale for a light and airy look.

Small kitchen 2

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 10

Alternatively do a custom table that slides out from the side of a base cabinet or an island. In this case it would be good to have stackable bar stools.

Small kitchen 9

Small kitchen ideas – Design Tip No. 11

Make the most of your cabinet space. There are so many space saving devices and organizers which all help tremendously to optimize the available space, from pull-outs to corner racks to tool bars and mug racks etc. etc. etc.

There are so many ways to make the best out of your small kitchen. It all depends on your specific layout and needs. All I can say is that we have done many kitchen remodels here at KK Design Koncepts, and we would be happy to come up with a great solution for your kitchen too!

So give us a call for a consultation at 714.404.9816. Kind regards, Sabine Klingler Kane, KK Design Koncepts, Laguna Niguel, CA

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